Stochastic Processes with Values in Riemannian Admissible Complex: Isotropic Process, Wiener Measure and Brownian Motion


The purpose of this work was to construct a Brownian motion with values in simplicial complexes with piecewise differential structure. After a martingale theory attempt, we constructed a family of continuous Markov processes with values in an admissible complex; we named every process of this family, isotropic transport process. We showed that the family of the isotropic processes contains a subsequence, which converged weakly to a measure; we named it the Wiener measure. Then, we constructed, thanks to the finite dimensional distributions of the Wiener measure, a new continuous Markov process with values in an admissible complex: the Brownian motion. We finished with a geometric analysis of this Brownian motion, to determinate, under hypothesis on the complex, the recurrent or transient behavior of such process.


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