Isolation of a teratocarcinoma stem cell lectin implicated in intercellular adhesion.


We have previously identified a cell surface teratocarcinoma stem cell lectin with a fucan/mannan specificity. We now report the purification of the hemagglutinin (lectin) from stem cell conditioned medium by exclusion on a Sepharose 2B column, followed by elution with 0.5M NaCl from DEAE-cellulose, providing an overall purification of about 90-fold. When this material was analyzed, by SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, a major band of Mr 56000 was consistently observed. Hemagglutination activity was renatured from the gels and localized exclusively to a region of the gel that, as detected by fluorography, contains only the 56-kDa component. This suggested that this polypeptide comprises the lectin.


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